Machine Learning

Data Scientists for Rent

Elastic Knowledge provides consulting services to help your company apply machine learning to solve business problems. Our data scientists will work with you to understand your business and help you exploit your data to improve your business. We will help you work your way through the stages of analysis and prediction below. Elastic Knowledge provides services in each of the stages that are tailored to meet the requirement of individual companies. For more information, please send us an email at

Stage 1: Listen to Your Data

It is not effective to just  jump right in and start applying sophisticated machine learning algorithms to your data and hope that deep insights about your business  begin to tumble out onto to the computer screen. The first step is to “listen” to your data by applying some simple algorithms to analyze the distribution of values for individual data items and the relationships among data items. The results will give you some quick feedback on the story the data may be trying to tell in the context of your business. The results help us to understand which are the most important features in the data that will be critical when we being to apply machine learning algorithms later. The results may also point out missing data that should be gathered to make the story more complete.

Stage 2: Explore Your Data

Now that we have some feeling for your data and the business problems you need to solve, we can begin in Stage 2 to explore which machine learning algorithms will be most effective. Each of these algorithms searches for patterns in your data and builds a model that can be used to understand the data better or to make predictions about missing data. The focus is on patterns involving the important features that were identified in Stage 1. Some of this experimentation can be done using smaller representative samples from the data. But if there is a large amount of data we may use Big Data environments such as Hadoop. Throughout this stage, we leverage the Elastic Knowledge software framework and step by step process for Training, Verification and Testing of the application of machine learning algorithms to your data.

Stage 3: Exploit Your Data

Assuming that Stage 2 gave us some good results, we need to exploit those results to improve the business. This may just mean making one time changes to existing processes or software. Or, it may mean integration of the new prediction software with the existing operational systems of the company. In other cases, it may mean integration of new software with the existing operational systems that re-trains the machine learning model periodically to account for changes in the business. Elastic Knowledge can provide you with ongoing support as your business and technology requirements evolve.